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Web Design Dreams…

Posted on 25 January 2014

Following your dreams often involves giving up something you’re very used to in return for something that excites you. A lot of people don’t follow their dreams because they’re in a comfortable position in life – a position in the middle of total happiness and sadness, one that’s on the fence. These people might be comfortable with their life however they aren’t as happy as they could be because everyone has a dream, just not everyone follows it. This applies to every aspect of life and more specifically to things like travelling, family, friends, loved ones & employment.

I personally have 3 main dreams in life, all of which I intend to try my best to achieve one day (a girl can’t achieve 3 dreams all at once, after-all!). I won’t disclose what 2 of them are as they’re pretty standard life goals, however I’ve very recently dropped everything I’ve become used to over the last few years to follow one of them – becoming a freelancer. I made the huge decision and left my job at the beginning of the month and have now plunged myself straight into the world of freelance.

I have only just turned 20 years old, however I’ve already racked up 4+ years of experience in the industry, learnt a bunch of awesome stuff along the way and finally been left in the position where I could take the jump. However, I have no experience in sales, no experience in dealing with clients by myself, no experience in quoting projects or dealing with day rates – I’m just used to being handed projects on a plate, designing, sometimes developing them and then hearing no more about everything else that happened behind the scenes. It’s a whole new world, a world of learning, a world of trying out new skills – and a scary world at that.

So, as promised when I announced that I was going freelance – I’m going to blog about it all. I’m going to blog about the struggles, the good times, the stressful times, the work-until-5am times. Everyone has to start out somewhere – just, no one really hears about what people went through when they first started out. We’re always hearing success stories about how a super-successful designer has finally finished their new project for a super-huge company. We don’t hear about the struggles they’ve gone through to get to that point, freelance isn’t an easy magic that people get successful careers out of over night, everyone single person has worked hard and gone through some struggles along the way to get there.

The First Two Weeks

The first two weeks have been a transition period for me, whilst it still feels like I’m on holiday and will be returning to full time work soon (even though I won’t be) – there’s also been a lot of cold-calling agencies asking whether they work with freelancers, quoting lots of enquiries that all sound super fun but eventually go no-where, talking to recruiters about contracting and arranging meetings to sort out future work.

I’ve already had one successful client project completed, which has kept my mind very at ease this month – however I’ve also had around 3 projects for next month that have got to the point of a quote being agreed & contract being sent, which have then decided to hold off for a few months. Bummer. I guess this is all part of the learning process – and that just because someone seems super excited about a project and have said a quote looks fine – it doesn’t necessarily mean it will go ahead.

So far, in the first two weeks of freelancing I’m realising that freelance is a game of patience, and although you have to be super motivated to find work, you also have to force yourself to be patient and confident in your own abilities at the same time. You can’t let the fact that just because that one agency didn’t reply to your email, or the fact that that one project didn’t end up going ahead get you down. You just have to keep on going! And with that, I shall keep on going and I sign out from my first two weeks of freelance – though there wasn’t all that much to fill you in on this time, hopefully there will be more next time so – see you in two weeks!

And, if anyone needs any web design work in February, please do contact me here!