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#BADA55 freelance web designer

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Project at Gamaroff – 2013
UI/UX Social Web Design

This was a concept for Nickelodeons Spongebob that was never actually used, and was only designed as an idea.

Though this concept was never actually used – I’ve always been extremely proud of how this design turned out and how I managed to tie in the Spongebob themed brand to a slick design that would appeal to everyone who may visit. Because this design was intended to be used within a Facebook tab – I was very limited for space and had to think deeply about the content hierarchy of all necessary components before designing this.

To tie in with the Spongebob theme, I also had to take the illustration style that is used throughout the episodes and illustrate a treasure chest to go into the header to represent the “points store” in a more visual way, as well as illustrate the background of the application (all except for the spongebob character itself).

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