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Project at Gamaroff – 2013
UI/UX Social Web Design

Experian wanted to design a JustGiving based platform for their users to be able to raise funds for selected charities. The aim of this design was to have a very visual platform, where users would be encouraged to participate based on how hard other users were working. Hence the colourful and fun approach of the design.

There were a lot of requested features to fit in within a very restricted space that could not be altered due to this design being for the JustGiving platform – so, content hierarchy was key. I decided that the featured charity was the most important piece of information, as people were more likely to participate if they knew what charity they’d be raising money for right from the beginning, rather than being kept in the dark about who they would be raising money for.

Equally important was the user leaderboard, though I decided not to feature this at the top as it wouldn’t attract new users, it was featured lower down to help motivate existing users to work harder to raise more money to be featured in the leaderboard.

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