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Net Magazine Design Off

Posted on 1 April 2014

This month I was featured in net magazines design off, the challenge was to design an adventure holiday website (i.e. white water rafting or rock climbing). Me being me, I decided to design an adventure holiday website that allows users to search for a destination or activity and provides them with the means to find out more about related activities and plan their trip.

I tried to keep the design very image orientated and visual – whenever it comes to planning a trip, I always find the pictures of the location are what get me most excited, and it’s lovely to have a visual of where you will be visiting too. I wanted to post the designs online as in print I found that some of the design detail got lost, you can see the full designs below.

I’ve already had a few people drop me emails to ask whether I’ll be taking this idea any further – the answer is, it’s on the sidelines – a side project may be in the works if a gap in work allows me the time!

More details in this months net magazine, available in shops now.

2. sweden

2. sweden